Zapier + Trello

Power-Up Your Productivity

Easy workflow automation

Stop spending time transferring data between Trello and the other web tools you use every day. Instead, rely on Zaps to do the repetitive work for you. Now, you can create Trello Zaps within your Trello board with the Zapier Power-Up. For example, try setting up Zaps that automatically add new online form entries to Trello as cards or that auto-create Evernote notes when new Trello cards are created on your board. You can also edit or turn on/off existing Trello Zaps for your board--without ever leaving Trello.

  • Integrate your Trello cards with 1000+ other business tools without typing a line of code or ever leaving Trello.
  • Enable custom fields to give your cards more context using info from your other apps.
  • Create Trello Zaps for your board without navigating away from Trello.
  • See if any Trello Zaps are connected to the Trello board you're currently on; if there are Zaps associated with that board, you can turn those Zaps on/off or edit them directly from Trello.
  • See recommendations for popular Trello Zaps to set up for your board.
  • Access your Zapier dashboard, which shows you the status of all Zaps you have created, directly from Trello. This includes Zaps associated with different Trello boards and non-Trello Zaps, too.