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Elegantt + Trello

Power-Up Your Productivity

Automatically generate awesome Gantt charts for your Trello projects. 

Elegantt automatically generates Gantt charts for your Trello boards. We designed the "Elegantt for Trello" Power-Up to allow you to see the big picture. It enhances your Trello boards with Gantt schedule charts that are automatically generated using the project info already in the boards.

  • Automatic scheduling : Quickly see what your entire team is working on. Track progress on your projects and see notice at a glance when a project is late.
  • Planned and Effective view : The Planned Start/Due view correspond to the time you planned to spend on a card, whereas the Effective Start/End dates will reflect the time you actually spent on it, based on the card’s movement through the board.
  • Filters : You can filter the cards displayed in your Elegantt chart by labels in order to get a more focused outlook on your project.