Cardsync + Trello

Power-Up Your Productivity

Multiple cards, same content 

The Cardsync for Teams Power-Up will enable you to create and manage groups of cards that will have all their comments, attachments and checklist state changes mirrored into each other, even across multiple boards.

For all miscellaneous uses you might have for cards that should be duplicated, replicated, mirrored or shared between boards, you can create a syncing group from the back of cards directly and put them all in it.

  • Post comments or modify names, descriptions, due dates, checklists and attachments in one card, see the same modifications replicated to synced cards.
  • Create, add or remove cards from syncing groups with a click.
  • See all and browse cards that are in sync with any other one right from their backs.
  • Manage tasks that overlap the overlap the domain of multiple projects by syncing cards between boards.
  • Share a piece of your internal work by maintaining cards in private boards in sync with cards in public or client-specific boards.