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How To Keep Your Team Working From Anywhere

A free e-book with resources, tips and advice from leading teams in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and USA.

Collaboration in the digital age means teams can work from anywhere.

High-speed internet and powerful cloud-based apps for business can make sure everyone is in sync with their peers and yet be 100% location-independent.

In this new and comprehensive resource we help you set up for remote work success.

Download Guide (PDF)

In this ebook we are:

  • Debunking common distributed teamwork & remote work myths
  • Highlighting remote work best practices for communication
  • Providing ideas for balancing relationships between remote and in-office teammates
  • Giving specific software and digital collaboration tool recommendations
  • Advising on finding flexible location-independent jobs, as well as tips for hiring managers
  • Exploring the company culture that forms around remote work
  • Providing some basic cyber security policies for working away from the office

At Trello are not alone at adopting remote work. Our friends from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and USA such as appear.in, Detectify, Automattic, Atlassian, Buffer, Fuze, Evernote and UNICEF also include their best practice tips.

Whether your team is ready to go fully distributed or not, it’s time to embrace the principles of remote work to close the gap between what your company can offer in terms of flexible work options, and what today’s digital natives are looking to find.

We hope you like it. 

Download Guide (PDF)