This space was created as a way for you, our awesome Trello users, to share advice, ask questions and connect with each other in meaningful ways.


Hello, I’m here! Now what?

  • Download the Slack app, if you don't already have it.
  • When you receive your invitation via email, sign on in! You’ll automatically be added to a handful of channels, but you can choose your own adventure by muting or leaving them (click on the channel name, and then the gear icon). Click on Channels to see a full list of what’s out there, such as #developers, #good-reads and more.
  • Add a photo! We want to see your smiling face. 😄
  • We also want to get to know you, so head over to the #introduce-yourself channel and let us know who you are and what makes you tick. By sharing your areas of expertise and interests, your fellow members know what to come to you for.
  • FYI: All Trellists have "trello" in their Slack handles, so you can easily identify members of the team.
  • Get excited! There are lots of lively conversations happening already, and you can look forward to members-only content, such as live "Ask Me Anything" sessions with Michael Pryor, head of product, and other folks from the Trello team.

What are the rules of engagement here?

Things we value:

  • Sharing best practices
  • Good intentions
  • Creativity
  • New ideas
  • GIFs & emojis

Things that won’t be tolerated:

  • Self-promotion that doesn’t add value (blog posts not related to Trello or relevant topics like productivity, remote work & more, as well as add-ons or integrations that don't benefit the community at large)
  • Trolling of fellow members
  • Offensive language or objectionable content

We’ll always give you the benefit of the doubt — if we see something that we think violates these guidelines, we’ll let you know. We do reserve the right to remove members at our discretion.

Do you have any best practices for communicating on Slack?

  • If you think your question or comment is relevant to most members, put it in a public channel. If it’s specific to a person or handful of people, keep it private.
  • Give as much context as possible for your question or comment.

How can I best contribute to the conversations that are happening?

  • Share Trello best practices and pro tips
  • Link to sample boards you’ve created
  • Ask questions about how other folks are using Power-Ups or integrations
  • Give feedback on Trello as a product
  • Offer your own productivity pro tips
  • Link to relevant articles you’ve enjoyed about productivity, workflows, etc.

What if I have a support-related question? Can I get help here?

This Slack community wasn’t designed for support issues. We have a super friendly & knowledgeable team that is better equipped to assist you as quickly as possible with anything you're having trouble with. You can contact them directly at support AT trello DOT com, or by reaching out at

Have a question that’s not listed here?

Feel free to send Erica, Trello community manager, a direct message in Slack. 😎

Thanks for reading to the end. You rock.