GitHub + Trello

Power-Up Your Productivity

Built for developers. 

The GitHub Power-Up for Trello let’s teams track everything that’s going on in GitHub directly from their Trello boards.  Bring perspective to your codebase by attaching pull requests, issues, branches, and more directly to their respective cards.  In a glance, see whether a PR has been merged, the status of checks, who’s assigned to a PR, and more. Checks will also display as visual badges on the front of cards color coded to their status.

  • Attach branches, commits, issues and pull requests directly to cards.
  • See the status of pull requests on the front of cards.
  • Identify cards that have not passed their checks with color coded badges that display on the front of cards.
  • Developers and managers can easily jump into GitHub to work on assigned tasks in a single click.
  • Associate one or more GitHub repositories with a board.
  • The GitHub Power-Up supports both GitHub and GitHub Enterprise instances.