Confluence + Trello

Power-Up Your Productivity

Ideas made better by working together. 

Do you sometimes need to add a bit more context to your work in Trello? The Confluence Cloud Power-Up helps provide the detail behind your work on a Trello card and the permanency to revisit what happened after the project is done. From blog posts, to meeting notes, to project requirements, Confluence let’s you create anything and organize the work that supports each task on a card.

Confluence pages support real-time comments and you can easily check the back of your Trello card to see how active your Confluence page is. Attachments, embedded media, and web links help to make Confluence pages beautiful and relevant.  Create Confluence pages from your Trello cards, so your projects always have all the information needed, easily available from your Trello board.

  • Attach Confluence Cloud pages to Trello cards and get from your board to your drilled-down content in a single click.
  • Create new Confluence Cloud pages directly from Trello cards.
  • See all the activity on your page, who created a page and when it was created, including a snippet and the number of comments on the page, right from the card back.