Butler + Trello

Power-Up Your Productivity

It's like a Butler, for your Trello boards. 

Raise your productivity to a new level. Butler lets you customize Trello by adding pre-programmed buttons with the actions that you perform most often. A card button may, for example, set the due date of a card, add a member, and move the card to another list. A board button may, for example, copy all cards from a list to another list and sort the list by due date.

You don’t even need to program the buttons if you don’t want to: the Butler will analyze your recent usage history and recommend some buttons for your most frequent actions. If you work in a team, buttons can be shared with team members to increase everybody’s productivity, ensure consistent processes, and reduce training time for new members.

  • Customize Trello with your own buttons that perform the actions you do most often in one click.
  • The Butler analyzes your recent Trello usage and suggests buttons for you. Or create your own action sequences.
  • Share buttons with everyone on your team. Codify processes into buttons that your collaborators just need to press.
  • Sort cards by name, due date, time in list, votes, labels or value of a custom field.